FFF does not have a lot of rules, beyond the Second Life Terms of Service that are every avatar’s responsibility to know and follow.

It is important to know that FFF is a Moderate sim, not an Adult sim.  That means we can “not host publicly promoted adult activities or content and do not use adult search tags.”  At FFF, that means no sex on the farm.  Although ponies may have an erotic appearance, “look but don’t touch” is the rule.



  • What makes a senior trainer is training new trainers.  The only reason for a person to be one is they are willing to take time away from their ponies to nurture new trainers.
  • That being said, these are other things show the dedication that we want in Sr Trainers.
  • Finishing the trainers checklist, not just getting three and forgetting the rest.
  • Coming when ponies ask for trainers on the group chat.
  • Following through when they say the will do an event, test, etc.
  • While it would be nice if they can do something above normal training, like events, planned group training, classes, etc., but not required.
  • Promotion should NOT to be based on who they play with, or who they are owned by.

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