Farm History- by Miss Button Wright:

(See PHOTOS below the article!)

Tortured Dreams and the FFF were originally founded April 2006 in Oraenji by Faye Kawabata and Coral Cave, with support and help from the Tortured Dreams community led by Miles Sullivan.  Tortured Dreams consisted of Miles, Shannon        Yamabushi, Heather Rockwell, Mandee Minogue, Theresa Cinquetti, Max Harmison, Pebble Garden, Persia Christiansen, Maldoror and Dari Damone.   Faye needed to get away from the community in which she was a part and Tortured Dreams was just starting, also a breakaway from this same community.  Faye decided to donate her 64K tier to the cause.

I came to Frilly Filly Farm in November of 2006 to learn to train ponygirls. Miss Faye Kawabata, FFF’s founder, was running the stable. She had sold the stable to Marissa Akula of Questionable Virtues Stable but had stayed on as manager. I understand that FFF was once part of a large BDSM sim in Oraenji called Tortured Dreams. That is why the group name is still Tortured Dreams to this day. When the original Tortured Dreams sim broke up, Miss Faye moved FFF to Bulgogi. where it look up 5/8ths of the sim. Being a hillside sim and pony fields needing flat spaces, Miss Faye built FFF on three levels of prim floor. A large barn that housed the stables connected the upper mesa fields from the lower training fields. A lower third level contained silo trainers quarters.

I moved into one of the silos and studied under Miss Faye.  My fellow trainers were Lucius Tuque, Ranma Yamabushi, Lexi Lock, Vaya Talaj, and June Piedpiper.  Miss Faye promoted Ranma and me to stable mistresses to help her run the farm. The sim was plagued by lag monsters that were encouraged by nightclubs and free-sex sites catering to large numbers of newbies.  So although FFF was more than half the sim, the smaller sites were flooding the sim with customers who lagged it to a point where ponyplay was impossible.These sites also attracted griefers who were onthe sim and looking for ways to make trouble. As these nuisance sites went up for sale I bought them up and rented residential lots to the BDSM community.

In the spring of 2007 Miss Faye couldn’t spend much time online so she asked me to take over running the farm. Ranma also had RL commitments that limited her involvement. Then Marissa told me she had to sell the land and wanted to offer it first to FFF.  I told her I couldn’t buy it but would ask around. The community support for keeping FFF alive was tremendous. When I asked for contributions to help buy the land, the donations poured in from FFF members and others in the SL ponygirl community. These contributions allowed me to purchase the farm, and FFF went from being a privately owned farm to group ownership. The late Kathryn Jackson offered to pay the tier of $125 US each month, and FFF was saved.

With the confidence of financial security, Vaya Talaj and I decided to redesign FFF, removing the vast prim floors and nestling the farm into the curved hillside of the Bulgogi sim. We terraced the land and placed the outdoor stalls designed by Vaya and built by Hessa Hausdorff. Also large competitive fields were placed on prim floors in the sky to reduce the lag created by nearby objects. I merged my rental lands with the original FFF holdings so now FFF is almost all of the sim. In Bulgogi FFF has one large neighbor who has let us run our cart trail through their land, a couple of private residences and a small adfarm.

This fall Kathryn died and her support ended. Our group ownership and large member base has allowed us to keep our tier low through the donations of member excess tier to the group. Tier contributions, combined with the generous tips of members and guests, have allowed us to maintain the original dream of Miss Faye: a ponygirl stable where everybody was welcome and no one was asked to pay for training, stalls or vendor space.

2007 also saw the creative team of Sandy Strabel, Lexi Lock, Sha Babii, Hessa Hausdorff, and Yhis Khorana develop two of the finest steeplechases in Second Life. These have helped us to have some of the best steeplechase trainers and ponies in SL.

As the farm has grown I have been joined by two other stable mistresses. First Lexi Lock brought her long experience with the farm, her love of steeplechase, and a willingness to help.  Then Atheena Hyun, who has RL experience with online gaming and horse farms, has added a depth of role play and an eagerness to support the community.

Most recently, Miss Faye has decided to leave FFF to pursue new interests. She sold me her lot in neighboring Oraenji (the site of the original Tortured Dreams) and Atheena has built us a new tack shop and recreation area there. Moving the vendors to another server has improved the response of the Bulgogi server and reduced lag substantially. The dream is to concentrate essential farm activities in Bulgogi and to move other things like the shop and recreation centers next door to Oraenji.








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