Frilly Filly Farm
August 18th 2014, V0-1
Grammatical and layout edits only 3 December 2018

Table Of Contents

Welcome to Frilly Filly Farm.

widebarnview1.0 Basics
1.1 Approved Trainers
1.2 Roles on the Farm
1.3 Conduct
2.0 Joining The Farm
2.1 Joining As a Pony
2.3 Joining As a Trainee Trainer
2.3.1 Getting Started
2.3.2 Promotion
2.4 Groups at Frilly Filly Farm
2.4.1 Tortured Dreams Ponygirl Members
2.4.2 FFF Thoroughbreds
2.4.3 FFF Trainers
2.4.4 FFF Think Tank
2.4.5 FFF Stable Management
2.4.6 Non-FFF Groups
3.0 Equipment for Ponies and Trainers
3.1 Required Equipment for Ponies
3.2 Suggested Equipment for Ponies
3.2.1.  Bridle
3.2.2 Hooves
3.2.3 Arms
3.2.4 Harness
3.2.5 TAIL
3.2.6 Animation Overrider (AO)
3.2.5. FFF team color is Cyan
3.3 Trainer Equipment Recommendation
4.0 Conduct, Information and Rules for Members
4.1.1 Trainer Authority
4.1.2 Trainer Trainees
4.1.3 Trainer Education
4.2 Banning and Being Banned
4.2.1 Banning Protocol
4.2.2 Being Banned and Appeals
4.3 FFF Programs
4.3.1 FFF Classes
4.3.2 FFF Thoroughbred Program
4.3.3 FFF Events Team
4.3.4 Strict Pony Training
4.4 Group Chat Etiquette
4.5 Capture play
5.0 FFF Management Team
5.1 Management Meetings
5.2 Promotions and Appointments
5.2.1 Appointments
5.2.2 Promotions
Trainee Trainers to Full Trainers
Full Trainers to Senior Trainers
Senior Trainers to Stable Mistress/Master
6.0 History of Frilly Filly Farm
Document Information
Key Contacts
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A black latex pony

Welcome to Frilly Filly Farm.
Frilly Filly Farm, or FFF as we are commonly known,  is a human pony facility; designed for the training and nurturing of ponygirls and ponyboys. We also provide guidance and training to pony owners and aspiring pony trainers.

If this is your first visit to our sim, be aware that we expect you to  be familiar with all the information in the Basics section of this Handbook.  We hope you read further, but it is not required of casual visitors.  The rest of the Handbook contains information on joining  FFF and proper conduct for members.

1.0 Basics
FFF welcomes visitors with good manners and respect for others.

Everyone is welcome to visit, use the facilities and observe training in progress. If, however, an FFF Trainer requests that you move so they may utilize the facilities, please obey the request so that the trainer may conduct the business of the farm. Ponies are expected to be polite to all trainers. This does not mean they are required to bow to them,  but rudeness and impatience are not welcome at FFF.

FFF is a community-run establishment and relies on the generous contributions of its members and visitors. It takes L$55,000 a month to keep FFF going and all donations are greatly appreciated. 100% of donations go toward sim maintenance and improvement. We thank all of you that contribute to keep us operating.

1.1 Approved Trainers
Only those wearing the following tags are approved to formally train FFF ponies:ponyandtrainer2
“FFF Trainee Trainer”
“FFF Trainer”
“FFF Senior Trainer”
“FFF Stable Mistress”
“FFF Stable Master”

FFF ponies can elect to work with non-FFF trainers if they choose, however that is a private matter between the pony and that trainer.

Owners, independent trainers and trainers from other stables are welcome to bring ponies from their own stables to train here.

For information on the FFF Management Team Refer to Section 5.0 FFF Management Team.  FFF Trainers and the FFF Management Team members are happy to answer any questions.

1.2 Roles on the Farm
Roles on the farm are:

  • FFF Pony: This tag is given to all member ponies.
  • FFF Strict Pony: A member pony working with a FFF Strict Trainer, subject to strong restrictions.
  • FFF Thoroughbred: A member pony that has complete the Thoroughbred Program.  This tag reflects a competence in all major disciplines.
  • FFF Pony Friend: A non-pony member of the farm group. This tag is typically given to the owners of member ponies. Although this tag is open to anyone approved by  a member of the management team, Friends are outside the hierarchy of FFF but are expected to abide by all rules.
  • FFF Groom: These members have been given permission to handle and care for ponies on the farm; they are not qualified to train them, though. Ponies are expected to obey grooms.
  • FFF Trainer Trainee: These members are working towards full trainer status. Whilst not full trainers, Trainee Trainers may train in skills in which they have been signed off and approved.
  • FFF Trainer: FFF Trainers are fully capable of handling ponies on the farm. Ponies, grooms, and Trainer Trainees are expected to obey them.
  • FFF Veterinarian: FFF Trainers that are approved to give physical examinations.
  • FFF Builder: A tag worn by members of the community who are engaged in building activities and do not wish to be disturbed.
  • FFF Scripter: A tag worn by members of the community who are engaged in scripting activities and do not wish to be disturbed.
  • FFF Event Manager: A tag worn by Event hosts, that grant the rights to open and close the sim to Teleports for event activities.
  • FFF Events Team: Members of the community who are trained and trusted to run events.
  • FFF Events Admin: Members of the events team who manage the team and are able to promote new event Managers.
  • FFF Senior Trainers: These trainers have shown a higher level of training ability and dedication to the running of the farm.  Senior Trainers are only selected by a vote of the Management Team.
    In addition to Trainer powers, they also have authority over FFF Trainers. They can also deal with problems and complaints if a Stable Mistress or Master is unavailable.  Senior Trainers can sign off Trainees on skills.  While Trainees can learn from Trainers, other Trainees or ponies, Senior Trainers work with Trainees teaching them to train. For more information on promotions to Senior Trainer see section 5.2 Promotions and Appointments.
  • FFF Stable Mistress/Master: This is the highest rank at FFF. Only they can admit new members. They also set the rules for the farm and make major decisions at monthly meetings. Any concerns regarding the farm and its members should be brought to them.

Many members of the sim have more than one role; they may be a Pony one day and a Trainer the next. To avoid confusion, all members are to be considered whatever title they are currently wearing, regardless of any other titles they may possess.

1.3 Conduct

FFF is a Moderate-rated sim and ponyplay at FFF is not sexual.  Ponies are animals in the care of FFF trainers. Trainers handle ponies as ponies. Blatant sexual acts are forbidden on the sim; whether they are pony/pony, human/human, or pony/human. They are grounds for immediate ejection as this is a violation of Linden TOS as well as FFF rules.

Griefing will not be tolerated. If you see or fall victim to a griefer, any member of the
management team or Trainer can eject them immediately. Do not hesitate to IM for help.  Members should do so through the Tortured Dreams group chat to ensure the quickest response. If help is not immediately available, it might be best to Teleport away until the griefer grows bored and moves on. Sitting down, (‘Ctrl-Alt-S’ on a PC), will prevent the use of prims to push and ‘toss’ your avatar about.

For more information on Banning and appealing see section 4.2 Banning and Being Banned.  Rules may be altered by  The Management team with little or no advanced warning.  Notices to the group will be posted advising of any changes.

2.0 Joining The Farm
The information below describes how to join FFF as either a Pony or a Trainer Trainee.  It is quite possible and acceptable to join as both a Trainer Trainee and a Pony.  Many new trainers go through the process as a pony to get a better understand of the mechanics of how training works at FFF.

2.1 Joining As a Pony
All ponies are welcome to join FFF at the invitation of a Stable Mistress or Master; subject to the following conditions:

2.1.1 Applicants must be at least 30 days old and have a working knowledge of the Second Life interface.

2.1.2  If you are owned, your Master or Mistress *must* contact a Member of the management team to grant permission for you specifically to be trained.  He/she must mention you by name.

2.1.3  Unowned ponies are free to apply on their own.

2.1.4  Ponies joining FFF without their owner’s permission can be ejected from group at their owner’s request.

2.1.5 An FFF pony or trainer can only be a member of another stable if the other stable permits it. If admitting a pony or trainer will lead to inter-stable drama, it will not be allowed. FFF Trainers are expected to be involved with FFF and train FFF ponies in addition to any duties they have at other stables.

2.1.6 During your training we recommend that your master or mistress attends at least one session of Pony Cart whip training with you so that they may learn to command their new pony.  Further experience handling ponies can be obtained by attending the Introduction and Emoting classes held regularly at FFF.

2.1.7 Ponies are encouraged to register and create a profile at SLPonyPlay.com. This provides a useful source of event information from scheduling to ribbons won. Joining the Pony Info Group is also valuable for receiving pony news from across SL.

2.1.8 Please be aware that we usually have more ponies than trainers. It can take time to connect with trainers even after you have joined.  Be patient and make friends with other ponies in the meantime.  You will find you can learn just as much from them while you wait.  Please don’t pressure trainers either. Just because they are standing around doesn’t mean they are available to train. They may be in IM, or simply exhausted after a day in RL. They will train you when they are ready.

2.3 Joining As a Trainer Trainee
To be considered for a Trainer Trainee position, the applicant must speak with a Stable Mistress or Master. Trainer applicants must be familiar with this entire Handbook before applying to be a Trainer.

2.3.1 Getting Started
Once accepted as a trainee, you will be given a FFF Trainer Trainee title along with a Trainer Checklist. The checklist explains the steps you must take to become a full trainer. Each step you complete must be signed off by a Stable Mistress, Stable Master or Senior Trainer.

2.3.2 Promotion
Completed Trainer checklists are reviewed by a member of the Management Team and once approved, the trainee is then promoted to Full FFF Trainer Status.  It is important to remember that joining FFF is as much about the ethos as it is about the training.  This may mean that in some cases the farm and the individual do not ‘fit’.  This is in no way a reflection on the individuals abilities as a trainer.

For more information on promotions see section 5.2 Promotions and Appointments.

2.4 Groups at Frilly Filly Farm
There are a number of groups in use at FFF.

2.4.1 Tortured Dreams Ponygirl Members
This is the main group for Frilly Filly Farm.  All members of the farm join this group.  It is used for land management.  Trainers and ponies have tags in this group.

2.4.2 FFF Thoroughbreds
This group is for FFF Ponies who have performed all the requisite tasks and passed the final exam to earn the right to join the ranks of FFF Thoroughbred.

2.4.3 FFF Trainers
This group contains Trainer Trainers, Trainers, Senior Trainers and Stable Mistresses and Masters.  These tags grant rights to control the various rezzers and board reset scripts located around the farm.

2.4.4 FFF Think Tank
This group may be considered more of a development group. Used by scripters and builders to indicate they are working on projects at the farm.  This group is also used by the Events Team to coordinate event activities.

2.4.5 FFF Stable Management
This group is for the Management Team to share information and communicate.

2.4.6 Non-FFF Groups
Pony Information Group – A useful group for picking up information about other stable events and activities, and to network and meet other ponies, trainers and owners.
SL Ponygirls – Another useful group, similar in nature to Pony Information Group

3.0 Equipment for Ponies and Trainers
Pony and Trainers need various items of equipment in order to perform their role.  Below are some suggestions, that are by no means exhaustive, of items for each role.

3.1 Required Equipment for Ponies
Ponies at the farm are, as a minimum require the following items:

i. Bridle
ii. Hooves for feet
iii. Arm restraints or hooves for hands
iv. Harness
v. Tail
vi. Pony AO

bridle       hooves     handhooves        harness001    tail
Bridle                       Hooves           Hand Hooves                    Harness             Tail

We may not attempt to operate other  control devices like collars or implants.

3.2 Suggested Equipment for Ponies
The following is a common list of equipment that ponies use; it is by no means an exhaustive list.

3.2.1.  Bridle
We endorse the following bridles (please stand by for LM’s to be added here).

i.  Morbid Play (MP) EVO Bridle
ii. CCP bridle
iii. KDC ponygirl bridle
iv. Mesmerize Dungeon Head Harness
v. Maison Broceliande MB Bridle


Sample pony hooves

3.2.2 Hooves
There many types of hooves: hooves with sound, without sound, black hooves, colors, with and without AO’s.

Morbid Play (MP) boots have a backward walk which is useful in Dressage.  Mesmerize Dungeon (MD) also has a built in AO, but this is not usually good for walking backwards.

If your boots lack an AO, you must obtain one separately. The Sassy Ponygirl AO from Marine Kelly is a suitable stand-alone AO.  The Kiripony Sound and AO hud in the FFF Tack Pack is also good, and is acceptable for backwards walking.

3.2.3 Arms
Both Morbid Play (MP) and Mesmerize Dungeon (MD) have hand hooves.  Some ponies however prefer to use cuffs as an alternative.   It is preferred that cuffs used support the ‘U’ style of lock behind the back.  MD and Real Restraint cuffs all support this style.

Armbinders are also acceptable.  Real Restraint or Restrained Freedom (RF) have armbinders.

Generally any restraint that locks the arms behind the back is acceptable, even Ropes.

3.2.4 Harness
The harness should cover your sexual organs but leave most of the breasts exposed.  Shy ponies may choose the FFF cyan colored uniform, which covers the body. Other styles of harnesses include, hooped, buckled, colors (white, black, red, etc), denim, and more.

3.2.5 Tail
There are many kinds of tails, including flexi tails, tintable tails, braided tails, etc. Check all the vendors for your favorite.


Pony AO holds head high, arms up and gives a high-stepped walk

3.2.6 Animation Overrider (AO)
Animation Overriders for pony play are important, they defined the characteristics how how a pony moves.  There are many AO options to chose from, some boots, such as Mesmerize Dungeon, Netsui and Morbid Play supply AO.  Some such as kCreations do not.

Included in the FFF tack pack is a free pony AO, known as Kiripony.  This AO is freely distributed, and also meets the requirements for backward walking in dressage.  Other vendors such as Real Restraint, and Netsui offer stand alone Pony AO that can be purchased and used.

3.2.5. FFF team color is Cyan
There is an FFF uniform made by Trilobite available in the FFF Tack Shop, however, this is a legacy vendor. Legacy vendors are those with a merchant who has left SL. This means that making a purchase of one is a personal risk. If the vendor malfunctions or a problem arises with the product, you will have no recourse. It is optional for training and SL Ponygirl Meetings and Events. The farm colors are 0,255,255 (or #00FFFF) with light colors such as white and 0,128,128 (or #007777) if combined dark colors such as black.

3.3 Trainer Equipment Recommendation
Trainers will find following items useful.  They can be obtained by the FFF Trainer Pack, available from an SM, but their own equipment such as signal whips may be used.

– Leash Holder.  Any leash holder may be used, but one that accepts leashes from all major brands is useful.

-Carting Pack. This consists of two note cards describing Cross Country Carting,On-Farm carting, along with the Kiri poy Hud and signal whip.

– Dressage Pack.  Consisting of information about walking backwards, General dressage information, and flower dressage information.

– Useful item for Ponies Pack.  This contains things ponies might need, such as Kiripony AO, paper carriers, nuzzle AO and Bow huds.

– Information Note cards.  This is a number of notecards containing information about programs at the farm.

– Trainer Checklist.  Last but not least, is a checklist used to track your sign offs in the various disciplines.  (You can see the entire Trainer Checklist HERE.)

– Reins hud.  Some trainers use Marine Kelly’s Riding Reins hud, or similar for a more immersive experience.   Riding reins can be used with either blindfold or not ponies to assert a greater level of control over the pony.

4.0 Conduct, Information and Rules for Members
The rules on conduct and etiquette are deliberately loose at FFF. We seek to provide a place where ponies and trainers of many differing philosophies can play; a strict code of behavior would conflict with that goal.  The important thing to remember is to be polite and respectful to others. If you follow that simple rule, you will do fine at FFF.

4.1 Trainers
Trainers represent the authority at FFF.  Ranging from Trainers, Senior Trainers to the highest level of authority, Stable Mistresses/Masters.

4.1.1 Trainer Authority
ponyandtrainerIt is important to remember that FFF Trainers have a level of authority on the farm.  Everyone, pony or otherwise, is expected to listen to them when they give directions.  If they ask you to clear an area you should do so immediately.  Trainers mediate conflicts and issues between members, either on the sim or in group chat.  The goal of the Trainer should be to defuse the situation, not to take a side.

Problems and issues with members can be resolved and mediated by Trainers at the farm.

Senior Trainers or Members of the Management Team are the final arbiters of any dispute. If no trainer of any rank is available, please consider from retreating from any heated situation until the situation can be mediated.  Continuing the conflict can just make it harder to resolve.

All Trainers have the authority to eject and ban people, so be mindful of this. If you find yourself banned, you may make an appeal by IM or notecard to a Member of the Management Team.

The authority of Trainers is limited to the running of the farm.  Beyond FFF rules, additional rules between pony and trainer must be established and discussed as a personal matter.  There is no obligation for an FFF pony to accept and follow personal rules, but once accepted, they should be followed.

Disputes over accepted personal rules must be treated as a personal issue that does not involve the farm; however FFF staff can act as mediator should such a situation deteriorate.

As an example, there is no rule at FFF that a pony must bow to a trainer. However, a trainer may have a personal rule that they like ponies they train to bow to them. They must make that clear to the pony when they begin training them.  The pony has the right to reject training under these rules, if they do not wish to accept them.

While trainers are free to have their own personal approaches, they cannot enforce them on ponies they do not train.

If you feel that a trainer is abusing their power, you may talk to an Senior Trainer or SM about the matter. We have enough staff at both levels that you can easily find one that will have no personal involvement. There are some warning signs that a trainer may be abusing their power:

-Not accepting a pony’s limits.
-Taking a pony to private places (as opposed to an event on another pony sim).
-Being cruel or abusive in an unwanted way.
-Leaving a pony RLV-restricted alone for a length of time.

Ponies can have very different ideas about what is acceptable and what is abuse. It is important that there be open communication on these ideas between a pony and a trainer.  If a pony is willing to accept a greater level of authority from trainers, then this should be placed in the notecard dispensed by your stall sign and pony scroll.

4.1.2 Trainer Trainees
Trainer Trainees are not allowed to officially train ponies and have no authority over them.  However, it is acceptable for Trainer Trainees to work with ponies to gain experience and exercise ponies.

Once they are signed off on a particular discipline, they are allowed to train ponies in that discipline.

Trainees are not allowed to sign off ponies for Thoroughbred checklist items unless they have been approved to train in that given discipline.

4.1.3 Trainer Education
In order to become an FFF Trainer, a Trainee must demonstrate the ability to train in three events; being signed off on each one. The Trainee must be go through an SM review before being given an FFF Trainer title. Upon being promoted, a trainer may train in any discipline. The purpose of the Trainer Checklist is to give the Management Team a chance to gauge your training acumen, demeanor and pony handling. At the same time it allows us to be sure a Trainee fits into the culture of the farm.

Working through the Thoroughbred program as a pony helps a trainer learn the technical specifics of each discipline.  It’s not required for Trainers, but it is the best way to develop a deeper understanding of pony skills.

While the Thoroughbred program is useful for learning the basic mechanics of pony activities, Trainers often wish to improve their teaching and pony handling skills. Senior Trainers are the primary resource for this. Teaching how to train is an important part of their role on the farm.  Look for opportunities to observe other trainers at work. You may find a piece of advice or role-playing technique you wish to add to your own Trainer style.

4.2 Banning and Being Banned
Trainers have a responsibility to help mediate and resolve issues at the farm, whether they are FFF Trainers, FFF Senior Trainers or members of the FFF Management team.  There are times when diplomacy breaks down, and direct action is required.

In this instance, all Trainers, Senior Trainers, Stable Mistresses and Stable Masters have the ability to Eject and Ban members from the farm.  Principally, ponies at the farm are our foremost concern.  Removing individuals from the farm is always seen as a preferable choice, to protect a pony.

4.2.1 Banning Protocol
Trainers:  it is important to note that Banning people from the farm is without a doubt the last option.  Attempts to amicably resolve the situation should always be made first; only when the situation has broken down to the point where there is no choice should a Ban be considered.

When Banning an individual, you, as a trainer, should inform the individual of the reason why he is being banned; this is probably best done in IM.  The individual should also be informed that a notecard describing the incident will be sent to the Management Team.  Finally, the individual must be informed that they have the right of appeal with a member of the Management Team.

The notecard should contain as much information as possible regarding the situation, so that should an appeal be lodged, the management team can make an informed decision.  Try to include dates, times, names of individuals involved, the nature of the incident and why banning was the only option.

Outline the nature of the ban in a group notice to the FFF TRAINER group, including a notecard with a detailed description of the incident.

The details must also be sent to Stable Mistress Button Wright.

4.2.2 Being Banned and Appeals
If you feel you have been banned from the sim in error, or are genuinely repentant about your behavior, we do accept appeals. Please contact a member of the Management team and make a polite request to be re-admitted to the sim.

Understand that appeals may take time, as all SMs will need to review the matter.

4.3 FFF Programs
steeplejumpFFF provides some optional special programs for its members. Entering a special program, just like working with a particular trainer, can carry special rules for those that have joined it. Be sure you are aware of expectations before joining.

Members with ideas for new special programs should approach a member of the management team with a written proposal.

The following list is an overview of some of these programs:

4.3.1 FFF Classes
The FFF Classroom program provides a number of interactive classroom sessions on basic ponyplay, role-playing and training. All FFF members are encouraged to take advantage of these classes. We are always looking to add new classes to our curriculum, so please approach a member of the management team with a written proposal if you have something you have something you wish to teach.

4.3.2 FFF Thoroughbred Program
The Thoroughbred Program, or TBP, is for ponies looking to add some structure to their training.  The TB program provides a goal-based training program, measured by a checklist of expectations for the  pony to meet in a variety of disciplines. The checklist of disciplines, provides an excellent reference and review point of the pony’s progress to Owners, Trainers and the pony in question.  You can download a copy of our current TB Checklist HERE (or ask any Trainer inworld for one).

The pony must be signed off on each item by an FFF trainer. Once signed off on all items, and having gathered three recommendations from trainers, they can be tested by a member of the Management team in a final examination.. Upon passing the exam, ponies are awarded a “FFF Thoroughbred” tag.

Passing the TB final exam and becoming a member of the FFF Thoroughbred herd is a monumental achievement. Demonstrating exceptional skill and determination, FFF
Thoroughbreds can proudly stand tall, the best of the best.

4.3.3 FFF Events Team
cartingFFF has a long and rich history of holding ponyplay events. The late Stable Mistress Jo Gallindo designed our stadium, and then-Stable Mistress Kendra Chemistry designed the procedures for hosting events.

Events allow a pony to compete against other ponies from across SL to test their skills and win ribbons. They are open to all well-behaved ponies regardless of stable affiliation. A list of rules is prepared for every event, so be sure to read it carefully. Breaking event rules is taken seriously and can lead to banishment from FFF.

There are notice boards in the barn that detail up and coming events.  This information is gleaned from the site http://slponyplay.com; it is worth registering on this site and visiting it for updates on coming events.

Stable Mistress Laurana Christenson has formed an Events Team for members who wish to plan, run and design events on the farm. Please contact her for more information.

4.3.4 Strict Pony Training
There is no formal Strict Pony Program at FFF, however some trainers do take on the role of Strict Trainer. In becoming a Strict Trainer, they are essentially starting their own personal Strict Pony Program. This falls under the personal trainer rules mentioned in 3.1 Trainer Authority.

In order to become a Strict Trainer, a Trainer must write up a proposal on their approach to strict training and take it to a Stable Mistress or Master for approval. The SM may grant a Strict Trainer to the Trainer, taking responsibility to oversee that Strict Trainers conduct.

When the Trainer wishes to strict-train a pony, they must show their proposal to the pony and reach an agreement on rules, restrictions and length of time. Two weeks is a good upper limit for a first-time Strict Pony. They will then approach the overseeing SM to grant the pony a Strict Pony tag.

A Strict Pony requires a higher level of attention due to their restrictions. A Strict Trainer must be sure they will be able to give the pony adequate attention for the length of their restriction. Strict Trainers with a habit of locking and leaving ponies will be subject to disciplinary action ranging from losing the Strict Trainer title to banning from the group.

Other Trainers need to be respectful of the process. Unlocking a Strict Pony should only be done if the Pony makes a serious request for it to be done (one that is not RP). As a precaution, the FFF safeword is “Purple Panda”. If the safeword is given, then play should immediately cease and any restrictions should be lifted.

4.4 Group Chat Etiquette
Members should feel welcome to use group chat. It can be useful when looking for available trainers, seeing if anyone is up for a game of pony polo, pony-related announcements, or any general questions you might have. A little casual chatter is fine, but remember that everyone in the group can hear you, so consider moving to private IM if you are really just talking with one person. Spam is not appreciated either, although mentions of new pony products or sales on them may be okay. Use careful judgment there.

Group chat is not for making complaints, especially about other members. That can easily lead to an argument between you and the other party in front of the whole group, and it is rare that either side comes out looking good. If you have a serious concern, take it to an SM who is neutral in the matter. The Management Team takes complaints very seriously and seeks to handle them with the least possible drama.

4.5 Capture play
Capture play is allowed on the farm, providing it is consensual. Engaging in non-consensual capture play will be taken seriously. It you are unsure if a scene you are seeing is appropriate or not, please use IM to investigate the situation. This allows you to make sure all is well without potentially disrupting an on-going scene. If you are non-consensually captured, please contact a member of the staff or use group chat. If worse comes to worst, turn off RLV and relog.

5.0 FFF Management Team
The FFF Management team consists of FFF Stable Mistresses and FFF Stable Masters, or “SM’s” as they are known.

The FFF Management team can be contacted anytime via the ONLINE/OFFLINE signs in the barn.  Login to SL and CLICK HERE to Teleport directly there.


The Management Team has the greatest responsibility at FFF. Collectively, they can add, amend or remove rules at FFF.  SM’s are fully qualified as Trainers. Note that Team members often have other duties that keep them busy so please keep in mind that they may be unavailable to train.

5.1 Management Meetings

FFF Management Team meetings are held during the first week of every month. The meeting is hosted and run by a Stable Mistress or Master.

Before each meeting, the host must put together an agenda for the meeting. Some items will be carried over from the previous month. Beyond that, other SMs can send items to the host to be put on the agenda. Agenda items can include suggested rules changes, ongoing projects by SMs, nominations for promotion to ST or SM, the addition of new farm programs, appeals by banned avatars to be allowed back on the farm, and improvements made to the farm. Sometimes an agenda item will simply raise an ongoing problem so that a solution can be brainstormed.

At the meeting, the host calls each agenda item in turn, allows discussion, and calls a vote if the agenda item calls for it. It is the host’s job to move the meeting along to the next item when the matter is either settled, or complex enough to need more time.

Voting is decided by a simple majority. If more than half the SMs support the proposal, it passes.

A vote can be delayed by one meeting if an SM needs time to consider a proposal that was just raised. This avoids snap decision making.

If an SM misses a vote, they have two weeks to cast a vote with whoever lead the previous meeting. Alternately, they may delay the vote to the next meeting, so they can address it at the meeting.

5.2 Promotions and Appointments
The FFF Management team are responsible for appointing and promoting trainers at FFF. An SM may act alone in promoting someone to either Trainer Trainee or FFF Trainer.

5.2.1 Appointments
All new FFF trainers begin as Trainee Trainers, even experienced hires.  This gives the Management Team time to ensure that the prospective trainer, regardless of experience, is a good fit for the ethos of the farm.

A newly appointed trainee will be granted the FFF Trainee tag and provided with the FFF New Trainer Pack.  More information about trainer equipment can be found in Section 3.3 Trainer Equipment Recommendation.

The SM appointing the new trainee should spend some time with them before inviting them to join FFF, and make an assessment whether the trainer’s outlook matches the ethos of the farm.  Once the new Trainee is appointed, the SM should then spend some time with them to acquaint them with the farm and perhaps even give them their first lesson.

The SM appointing the new trainee should also ensure the trainee is added to the appropriate groups.
Tortured Dreams Ponygirl.  With the Groom tag
FFF trainers. With the Trainee Trainer tag

Finally a Group notice to the Trainers Group informs everyone of the new Trainee, and requests their support and help.

5.2.2 Promotions Trainee Trainers to Full Trainers
Detailed in Section 2.3 Joining As a Trainee Trainer is the information regarding to how Trainee Trainers are promoted.

Once promoted a Trainer receives the Trainer tags in both the Tortured Dreams Ponygirl group and the Trainers Group.  An announcement is made to the Trainers group and the Tortured Dreams Ponygirl group, welcoming the new full trainer.

Since only an SM may promote a Trainee to Trainer, a notice to the Management Group is considered good practice.

It is important to remember that SMs can promote trainers as they see fit, but they take responsibility for any promotions made.  Should there been feedback that requires remedial action, the promoting SM is expected to manage these actions. New Ttrainers should also remember that their actions reflect on the SM that promoted them. Full Trainers to Senior Trainers

Promotion to Senior Trainer requires a majority vote by the SMs.  An SM will propose a promotion to the group at the first available Management Meeting; during this meeting SMs will vote on the proposal.

Due to the important nature of Senior Trainers, it is customary for SMs to require a month of observation prior to making a decision.  During this time, SMs may chat to, work with, or observe the candidate.  It is not customary to inform the candidate of the proposal at this time.

At the next meeting, a vote will be taken.  The candidate will either be approved, denied, or denied with actions.

During all votes, a majority vote is required to promote the candidate to Senior trainer.

Denied with actions means the proposing SM takes actions to work with the candidate to address concerns raised during the observation period.  A minimum period of one month must have elapsed before the candidate can be nominated for promotion again.

Once approved, Senior Trainers are given the ST tags in both the Tortured Dreams Ponygirl group and the Trainers Group.  An announcement to the Trainers group and Farm group is made to herald the arrival of a new Senior Trainer. Senior Trainers to Stable Mistress/Master

Stable Mistresses and Masters are rarely promoted.  Too many people in the SM position would create confusion in the running of the farm.

A promotion to SM requires a unanimous vote by the SMs. In exactly the same way that Senior Trainers are promoted an SM will nominate a Senior Trainer for Promotion.  A period of consideration is always required, to allow the SMs to meet and discuss how the candidate will benefit the farm.

Promotion to SM requires a unanimous vote.

Once promoted an SM is given a months probation, performance is reviewed at the next Management Meeting.

The SM must also be given all roles, with the exception of SIM owner, in the following groups:
– Tortured Dreams Ponygirl Members
– FFF Trainers
– FFF Stable Management

6.0 History of Frilly Filly Farm

(The HISTORY is not included in this Web version of the Handbook.  Rather,click here to go to the HISTORY page.)


This page was REVISED 3 December 2018.  Revisions included grammar, punctuation, and a few content updates (but NO policy updates).

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