Trainer Checklist

Document:   Frilly Filly Farm Trainee Trainer Checklist
Version:       2.0
Date:           November 2015

FFF Trainers have a level of authority at the farm  They are not only at FFF to train, handle and manage ponies but also to mediate conflicts and disputes, and are generally responsible for the safety and well being of ponies and guests at the farm.  This checklist will help you understand what is expected.  Becoming a trainee, you are expected to take initiative in attaining full trainer status.

General Rules and Guidelines

You are to be respectful and obedient to those in positions above you (Trainers, Senior Trainers and Stable Mistresses).  You are here to learn from them and assist them.

Trainee Trainers may work with and handle ponies at FFF.  You are however, encouraged to work under the supervision of Full Trainers, Senior Trainers.

Trainee Trainers are NOT permitted to sign off on Thoroughbred checklist items, regardless of experience.

As a new trainee, you should seek to train under the supervision of a fully qualified Trainer or senior Trainer. You may train in select events as your training progresses (see below).

Frilly Filly Farm is a busy ponyplay SIM in Second Life. You will encounter many visitors experiencing their first exposure to the farm and possibly even ponyplay. You must present a friendly and professional face to all visitors to the Farm. You may not be able to answer all their questions; but make sure they receive a current copy of the FFF Handbook (available in a box on the wall of the barn, or here on our Website at that link) and see that they are directed to a Trainer who can more effectively see to their needs.  Stay and observe these interactions, so you can learn to handle them yourselves and work towards completing a mandatory part of your checklist.

Part One: Greeting (Mandatory)

1) Greeting:
Greeting new visitors to the farm & taking reins from the major bridles.

Part Two: Event Training Checklist:

In order to be considered for Full Trainer, you must prove yourself knowledgeable, capable of training, testing and signing off at least one option in each of the following categories:

  • Whip skills
  • Competition Skills
  • Dressage and Role Play

Demonstrate your capability to a Senior Trainer, Stable Mistress or Master who will then sign you off on it.


  • a. Carting the Farm Trails, or Cross Country Carting on both paved & unpaved roads, displaying knowledge of Whip Commands.
  • b. Whip Circle with Whip Commands.


  • a. Either Barrel Race or Slalom.
  • b. Steeplechase.


  • a. Silent Dressage.
  • b. Either Standard or Alternate Flower Dressage.


  • a. An extensive RP scene like Tacking up, Grooming, Re-shoeing, Branding or a Follow-up Exam.  (This scene can be note-carded and given to a Senior Trainer, Stable Mistress or Master to approve)
  • b. Attend and participate in three approved emoting classes.


  • a. Pony Polo with two or more ponies
  • b. Introduction to Pony Training class
  • c. New Pony Class

Part Three: Recommendations:

Once you have been checked off on the events, you need recommendations from a Senior Trainer, Stable Mistress or Master. This recommendation is not just based on your ability as a trainer, it is also based on how well you fit into the culture of Frilly Filly Farm, as well as your initiative and responsiveness in handling situations on the farm, and your ability to treat our ponies with the loving and respect they deserve.



Part Four: Stable Mistress or Master Approval

Once the above criteria is met;  you may then request a meeting with one of FFF Stable Mistresses or Masters for approval. If approved, you will be granted your FFF Trainer tag. Be aware that they are well within her rights to deny you Trainer status, even if you complete the checklist up to this stage.

Stable Mistress/Master signoff:


NOTE: Once you have your full trainer tag, you can sign off for any skill you know how to properly test for.  If you DO NOT know how to test or sign off for a skill, DON’T DO IT.  Contact a Senior Trainer, Stable Mistress or Master and ask them for help,