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This Checklist was updated and posted 18 Deccember 2015

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Thoroughbred ponies are champions; the following items are the minimum expectations of a Thoroughbred Pony at Frilly Filly Farm.  FFF Thoroughbreds are expected to perform consistently, and will be expected to demonstrate that they can achieve the requirements of each sign off a number of times consecutively.

Criteria such as, “Slalom: Score 18 or less with no faults, or Large Steeplechase: 1100 Score or better with no faults”, that doesn’t mean just once.  It means you are to consistently run these courses at that level.  A Thoroughbred pony is a champion and these are the minimum levels at which a thoroughbred should perform.

NOTE: ONLY FFF TRAINERS, SENIOR TRAINERS, STABLE MISTRESSES AND MASTERS CAN SIGN OFF SKILLS.  Excluding recommendations; each trainer may only sign off each pony for THREE items of the initial eight Thoroughbred

EACH TRAINER MAY ONLY SIGN OFF THIS PONY FOR THREE SKILLS FOR THE INITIAL 10 USED FOR THOROUGHBRED. (ie, a trainer can sign for 3 required skills and several electives before the final exam, but the pony will need to electives signed by someone else to use for their first ten and final) .

Part One – Condition:

  • 1. Physical Examination

Part Two – Event Training:

  • 1. Cart the Farm trails displaying knowledge of Whip Commands
  • 2. Slalom : Score 18 or less with no faults
  • 3. Cross Country Carting on both paved and unpaved roads
  • 4. Large Steeplechase: 1100 Score or better with no faults
  • 5. Dressage without fault approved by trainer
  • 6. Elective One (select from A-S in the list below)
  • 7. Elective Two (select from A-S in the list below)

Part Three – Recommendations:

Recommendations of 3 trainers.  While skill is certainly a consideration when giving a recommendation; it is important for trainers to consider the temperament and behavior of a pony.

ATTN. TRAINERS – By giving your recommendation, you believe this pony is ready to pass their thoroughbred final exam.  The future actions of a Thoroughbred will be a reflection on the trainers the recommend them.

  • 1)
  • 2)
  • 3)

Part Four – Final Examination:

  • Final Exam with a Stable Mistress or Stable MasterUpon completion, the pony will be given membership in the FFF Thoroughbred group and allowed to wear the FFF Thoroughbred tag, “the longest journey begins with one stomp”.



Elective List – pick two and copy to slots 7 and 8 of above list

  • A. Classic Pony flower without fault approved by trainer
  • B. Standard Pony flower without fault approved by trainer
  • C. Compete in six hosted FFF events (not 24 hr) or team events (polo, etc) displaying proper pony behavior.  Where you place is not important; showing up, taking part, and representing FFF well, is.
  • D. Recommendations of 5 trainers concerning the pony’s behaviour and disposition.
  • E. Play and Score in Pony Polo
  • F. Attend and participate in three approved emoting classes.
  • G. An extensive RP scene like Tacking up, Grooming, Re-shoeing, Branding or a Follow-up Exam.
  • H. Eye of the Storm Reverse Steeple, #2 on the rezzer: 995 Score or better with no faults
  • I. The small steeple on the hill: 1125 Score or better with no faults
  • J. The Orange Grand Prix course in under 170 with rider.
  • K. FFF Cyan Grand Prix in under 115 seconds, with a rider.
  • L. Frilly Valley race course 1.2 snowy, #22 on rezzer in 104 seconds or less with rider
  • M. Whip circle without fault.  The test must be at least 10 minutes with a minimum of 30 commands.
  • N. Barrel Race: Score 29 or less with no faults
  • O. Circle slalom under 18 seconds with no faults.
  • P. S-slalom in under 20 seconds with no faults
  • Q. Saddle slalom under 45 seconds with rider and no faults.
  • R. Hitching up scene, full cart loop of Route 9 and unhitch scene.
    If possible include photos of pony/cart/trainer at the underwater tube and the suspension bridge.
  • S. Mikky’s Blind Steeple six times.  Mikky’s notes to help are available attached to your SL notecard.