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Handbook formatting completed!

By Trina Varriale, 9 October 2015


It only took 13 months, but the text formatting of our Web version of the FFF Handbook is finally completed.

I encourage EVERY member of Frilly Filly Farm to take a look at the Handbook!  You may not read every word of it, but at least scan through it for pieces that may apply to you.  (Even reading other parts will be informative; for example, you will learn how the Stable Managers reach decisions about things.)

While you’re at it, please feel free to suggest additions to this Website!  Just send an IM to Stable Mistress Trina Varriale.

Enjoy every day at Frilly Filly Farm!

Clarifying Trainer Signoffs

4.1.3 Trainer Education
In order to become an FFF Trainer, a Trainee must demonstrate the ability to train in three events; being signed off on each one. The Trainee must be go through an SM review before being given an FFF Trainer title. Upon being promoted; a trainer may train in any discipline. The purpose of the Trainer Checklist is to give us a chance to gauge your training acumen, demeanor and pony handling. At the same time it allows us to be sure a Trainee fits into the culture of the farm.
4.3.2 FFF Thoroughbred Program
…The pony must be signed off on each item by an FFF trainer.

As Stable Mistress Laurana said yesterday: “Once you have been promoted to a trainer you may sign off in any skill, even if you were not signed off prior to being promoted. The main reason for the sign off of skills is to ensure that the the trainer is the right fit for the farm, not to trudge through every skill getting a sign off.  We do however expect a trainer to learn how to train skills in which they have not been trained prior to signing off ponies.”

As Laurana said a full trainer can sign off on anything, but we would expect you to know when you have the skills to sign off on something intelligently. That trust is why we let you become a full trainer. You are putting your good name on that pony’s scroll. There are events that I will not train or sign off on because I don’t feel comfortable with them. We do not expect trainers to do everything well, but we want them to do what they do well.

–Button Wright – 7/14/15

FFF Member Comment

Sent to and posted by Trina Varriale 25 April 2015:

Eldar Dassin: I have you on the FFF group as a stable mistress, I just wanted to let someone know that Echo and Tinkerbell helped me out answering some questions for a newbie. they were incredibly helpful. just figured they should get some recognition for it ^.^