Clarifying Trainer Signoffs

4.1.3 Trainer Education
In order to become an FFF Trainer, a Trainee must demonstrate the ability to train in three events; being signed off on each one. The Trainee must be go through an SM review before being given an FFF Trainer title. Upon being promoted; a trainer may train in any discipline. The purpose of the Trainer Checklist is to give us a chance to gauge your training acumen, demeanor and pony handling. At the same time it allows us to be sure a Trainee fits into the culture of the farm.
4.3.2 FFF Thoroughbred Program
…The pony must be signed off on each item by an FFF trainer.

As Stable Mistress Laurana said yesterday: “Once you have been promoted to a trainer you may sign off in any skill, even if you were not signed off prior to being promoted. The main reason for the sign off of skills is to ensure that the the trainer is the right fit for the farm, not to trudge through every skill getting a sign off.  We do however expect a trainer to learn how to train skills in which they have not been trained prior to signing off ponies.”

As Laurana said a full trainer can sign off on anything, but we would expect you to know when you have the skills to sign off on something intelligently. That trust is why we let you become a full trainer. You are putting your good name on that pony’s scroll. There are events that I will not train or sign off on because I don’t feel comfortable with them. We do not expect trainers to do everything well, but we want them to do what they do well.

–Button Wright – 7/14/15

1 thought on “Clarifying Trainer Signoffs

  1. Atheena Hyun

    I have been getting far too much feed back on this… so I am going to comment here for the record!

    1.) “In order to become an FFF Trainer, a Trainee must demonstrate the ability to train in three events; being signed off on each one.” This means, all trainees need to be trained and signed off on their trainee sheet in three disciplines to be able to become a trainer.

    2.) “Once you have been promoted to a trainer you may sign off in any skill (on a ponies Thoroughbred papers,) even if you were not signed off (on that particular skill) prior to being promoted.” This means, any trainer may sign off on any Event on the THOROUGHBRED papers for a pony. This does not mean they may train trainers or ponies on these disciplines. It means they may TEST and approve the pony on a TB sheet in any events.

    3.) Trainers may train ponies in disciplines they are not signed off on yet if they have been trained themselves. They have to have a senior trainer or Stable Mistress/Master to sign them off and it can take a while sometimes, for them to get signed off on themselves. In order not to deceive ponies I have recommended that Trainers put on their Trainee tag when ever training a pony in a discipline they themselves have not yet been signed off on. IT makes it easy… Wear Trainer tag on disciplines we have been signed off on our trainer check lists. Wear trainee tag if you are making suggestions on a discipline you have not yet been approved to teach in.

    So grab these wonderful trainers out there and go get your sign-offs today! NO need to wait for a Senior Trainer or Stable Management. All full staff can sign-off on your papers. This is why some ponies take just a few days or weeks… they utilize our largest field of staff. Let the FFF Trainers help you TODAY!

    NOTE: We are having a LOT of confusion about the sign-offs… So I will explain here there are TWO sign off sheets. One the ponies use to become a Thoroughbred and have the TB title. Another is used for trainers including trainees and senior trainers. The trainer checklist is the sheet we use in order to make sure our trainers are actually qualified to train ponies in any given discipline.

    Approving a ponies checklist means that you just check to see if the pony performed the items in the manner stated on the TB paper itself. IE… did the pony run 5 slalom or 5 jumps within the stated perimeters. If so copy and paste that into their note-card and sign your name and date it. Voila happy pony!

    NOTE: Dressage and flower are two where you must actually know the event in order to give a proper test for the papers.

    I hope this helps. We DO NOT ALLOW trainers to actually train without being trained themselves… Trainers who were Full TB’s however may be more than qualified to do so… I always recommend they wear their TB tag when doing so as they deserve respect for having finished that sheet and also friends always help friends. REMEMBER those farm tags :)))

    IF you have further questions please distinguish in IM which sheet you are asking for information about. As I have been known to get the two confused!!!!

    As always.. Atheena says.. tags tags tags… they help me sooo much! I hope this helps the deluge of questions I have had on this subject… Thank you!


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